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Thank you everyone!!!


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Thank you

Thank you to all of our customers for a great year again. And to all of our bloggers with all your wonderful comments. We are growing beyond our belief thank you everyone.

Pressure Cleaning prices

Online store has made its updates for the season prices. Only service that went up in price is pressure cleaning. It will stay that way until late april possibly May. Please check in for all
our updates. Window Cleaning prices will stay the same. Thank you Tara's Cleaning

Thank you everyone!!!

It is great to hear that everyone enjoys all of our updates. Our New update is our online
store pricing is going up due to season. We provide these prices for year round people during
summer so all people on a budget can afford our services also. And remember that the prices in our online store can also be honored without the purchase online. We understand that
people don't want their information all over the internet. Thank you for all of your comment and compliments.


Accepting visa, mastercard, american express, and discover.

New online store

Visit our new online store and get never see exclusive deals. Now excepting pay pal.